Layering in the city of love

We know that our end of year collection always leans into the Australian Summer, as the air gets warmer we get inspired and really lean into our resort roots by creating a collection that has so much summer inspiration.

For years, our community in the Northern Hemisphere cooler climates have asked us from afar to create something to pair back with their Spell to get them through the seasons as the last leaves fall from the trees, perhaps even a little snow falls on the ground - so our design team got to creating a capsule that styles back with our collection perfectly, and there are so many ways to wear it!
Layer a turtleneck under your dress or as a top with a skirt, clash your pieces with a long, flannel coat or add a chunky knit to your maxi dress with boots. We know even our down under friends have already snapped up pieces to keep in their cupboard ready and waiting for the season's change.

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Louise Follain


Jamie Green



Ally Godkin



Mathilde Moncamp


Mel Carrero